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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are committed to keeping our patients and community safe throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To adhere to social distancing guidelines, we are offering pre-recorded Community Lectures which can be viewed online at any time on our website. New lectures are being recorded and released regularly.

Red Meats and Cancer Risk

Red Meats and Cancer Risk
Can red meats be part of a healthy lifestyle? Discover what research tells us about the relationship between eating red meats and cancer risk. Sarah Washburn, Oncology Dietitian Nutritionist at Ridley-Tree Cancer Center, will discuss how to make informed decisions about choosing and preparing red meats.

SPEAKER: Sarah Washburn, MS, RDN, CSO

Sarah Washburn

Sarah Washburn is a board-certified oncology dietitian nutritionist with decades of experience helping cancer patients. She is passionate about creating individualized, evidence-based food and nutrition recommendations for them to improve tolerance of various treatments, increase strength and immune function, and reduce the risk of recurrence. She works closely with physicians, oncologists and Ridley-Tree Cancer Center support staff to enhance quality of life for her patients.  

Palliative Care: Hope and Comfort through Difficult Times

Palliative Care
Join the Sansum Clinic Palliative Care team as they explore through conversation what palliative care is, and how it can help patients and families negotiate serious illness. Common questions they receive from patients will be addressed, and patient stories will be used to highlight some of the benefits that can be derived from receiving palliative care from an experienced team of professionals.

SPEAKERS: Deborah Meyers, MD; Stefanie Rashti, NP; Rebecca Bank, RN; Maria Fazio, RN; Edith Gonzalez, MSW

deborah-meyersDeborah Meyers, MD has been a board certified palliative care physician since 2012. She has experience in outpatient and inpatient palliative care, as well as hospice care.


RTCCPalliativeCareTeam-31_Stefani Rashti, NPStefanie Rashti, NP is a palliative care and hospice certified nurse practitioner. She recently moved to Santa Barbara from Philadelphia. She previously worked in inpatient palliative care and cardiology.


RTCCPalliativeCareTeam-120_Rebecca BankRebecca Bank, RN is an oncology and hospice and palliative care certified nurse with eight years of inpatient experience at UCLA. 



RTCCPalliativeCareTeam-107_Maria FazioMaria Fazio, RN is an oncology certified nurse with 31 cumulative years of experience at prestigious institutions including Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and Stanford, as well as hospice volunteer work.


RTCCPalliativeCareTeam-95_Edith GonzalezEdith Gonzalez, MSW has 16 years of social work experience in multiple roles in Santa Barbara County. She has several years of experience in hospice social work with recent counseling training.


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